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Rtaixml is all about getting real time easy.

What is Rtaixml?

Rtaixml is a framework to develop Real Time (RT) Distributed Control Application. Providing a reliable real time domain based on Linux RTAI, it offers directly deployment exploiting CACSD standard tools and a remote link to interact with real time applications.

Real time from everywhere!

Exploting the Web Service technology, Rtaixml exposes the real time domain to Internet providing a standard protocol to communicate with real time applications.

How can Rtaixml help us?

Rtaixml makes it easy to deal with Real Time Distributed applications designing with well known tools, speeding up the deployment phase and providing remote connection to the real time domain.

Execute real time task
Manage hardware architecture
Competition enabled


Build you own real time distributed controller with well known tools!


Send the control model to the real time manager!


Remote interact with your plant exploiting Web Service technology!


Administer your real time world from everywhere!

General Rtaixml Q&A

Do we have to pay for it?

No. Rtaixml is a free and open source project based on free and open source projects, except for Matlab/Simulink that however have Scilab/Scicos has alternative.

How about learn more or start using Rtaixml for free today?